Healthcare Leadership

Strengthening Healthcare Organisations with Quality Leadership Development.

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Course Dates


28 March 2024

Course Duration


12 Weeks, Online
4-6 hours a week, 3 Live Sessions with Faculty

Course Fee


US$2,200 and get US$220 off with a referral

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Programme Goals

  • Increase awareness of your leadership behaviours using a validated instrument
  • Understand the key behaviours of transformational leaders, and their impact on others
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication as a healthcare leader
  • Learn frameworks and strategies to make better decisions in healthcare organisations
  • Examine challenges of and best practices for teamwork in healthcare
  • Develop constructive feedback and coaching skills to manage talent in healthcare
  • Learn and apply approaches to manage conflict
  • Integrate the above lessons to effectively engage and lead change with healthcare and non-healthcare stakeholders

Programme Highlights

Comprehensive programme design, covering all the 3 core pillars of Leadership in Healthcare

Asynchronous learning via 100+ video lectures

Asynchronous learning via 100+ video lectures

Use of 3 case studies and 16 real-world examples for applications of conceptual frameworks

Intensive learning via 45 assignments and 11 frameworks

3 live sessions with faculty

1 leadership tool

Opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals/leaders across the global and healthcare value chain via 5+ discussion boards

Opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals/leaders across the global and healthcare value chain via 5+ discussion boards

Capstone project

Programme Modules

The programme comprises of 10 modules covering all aspects of leadership and diversity in the healthcare industry, allowing existing and aspiring healthcare leaders to transform their teams and organisation.
  • Features:

    • Uniqueness of leadership in healthcare (What’s so different about Healthcare?)
    • Difference between leading and managing
    • Why does leadership matter
    • Transformational leadership using the 360° Tool.
  • Features:

    • Fundamentals of Effective Communication
    • Communicating more effectively
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Structuring messages for clarity and flow
    • Applying Ethos, Pathos and Logos
  • Features:

    • Analysing decision options
    • Systematic approach
    • Problem solving using system linkages
    • Linking individual actions with systems impact
    • Multifaceted Impact Measurement
    • Examining execution of decisions
  • Features:

    • Origins of power
    • Understanding Power, Reward Power, Coercive Power, Referent Power, legitimate power and Expert Power
    • Practice influencing without authority: Principles of Persuasion
    • Using leverage for greater influence: Principles of Leverage
  • Features:

    • Different conflict styles
    • Conflict At work: The Classic Model
    • Approaches to Conflict
    • Are conflicts necessarily bad
  • Features:

    • How to improve team functioning through design and structure
    • Sustaining Team Performance and Learning
    • Benefiting from Diversity and Inclusion
    • Teamwork with cultural Intelligence
  • Features:

    • Effects of professional training and identity
    • Developing and Coaching
    • Giving Feedback
    • Managing Performance
  • Features:

    • Understanding stakeholders: Perspective taking
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Stakeholder Mapping
    • Fostering trust to implement change together
  • Salient Features:

    • Origins of diversity – individual and social.
    • Aspects of diversity such as its cultural roots, visible and hidden diversity
    • The difference between the two individual and social diversity
  • Features:

    • Different organisational approaches to inclusion and equity
    • Critical evaluation of approaches to equity

Capstone Project

Toward the end of the programme, you will demonstrate your newly gained leadership skills by applying what you learned to a real-world healthcare issue/problem.

Real-World Examples

Through real-world examples from diverse healthcare settings and scenarios embedded within the modules, you will see how the theories are put into practice.

Covid-19 in Brazil

NUHS and Medicine Family Clinic Partnership

Dr Devi Shetty – Narayana Hrudyalaya – India

Vaccine Confidence Project


Diabetic Care Measures

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Emergence

Emergency Department Wait Time

Dr Reddy’s Heart Polypill

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Case Studies

These case studies are co-authored by Professor Audrey Chia and span across pertinent topics of Human Resource Management, Change Management, Healthcare and Treatment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School: Educational Transplant

The case illustrates the effort of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School's pioneering faculty in transplanting the U.S Duke University School of Medicine curriculum to the Singapore context, where the British style of medical education had been dominant. The case examines the challenges, skepticism, and eventual support from both internal and external stakeholders.

The Zuellig Family Foundation: A Bridge to a Better Future

This case illustrates the success of the Zuellig Family Foundation's health care programme in bridging the healthcare access divide between the rich and the poor in the Philippines in 2008. Within four years, the Foundation's president led the foundation to complete a health care program to transform the dysfunctional health care system, with the ambition of rolling out the program country-wide.

Leadership Tools

Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and Report
A 360 degree assessment tool focusing exclusively on critical leadership behaviours required for competitive performance in today’s organisations. The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire™ (MLQ—also known as MLQ 5X short or the standard MLQ) measures a broad range of leadership types from passive leaders to leaders who give contingent rewards to followers, to leaders who transform their followers into becoming leaders themselves.

The MLQ identifies the characteristics of a transformational leader and helps individuals discover how they measure up in their own eyes and in the eyes of those with whom they work. Success can be measured through a retesting program to track changes in leadership style.

This report reviews your scores on the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire™: Actual vs. Ought (MLQ A/O). The MLQ measures a full range of leadership styles to achieve optimal outcomes for the organization. The report provides feedback on how you perceive the frequency of leadership behaviors you exhibit, as well as the leadership behaviors you feel you should be exhibiting. The MLQ measures leadership styles which may be grouped under three broad categories. Each category differs in the nature of the leadership behaviors and in expected outcomes.

Why Enrol for This Programme?

The biggest healthcare challenge of our time – the COVID-19 pandemic – has shown the world the crucial and invaluable role of healthcare and is one of the catalysts for the clinical, financial, and operational transformation of the healthcare industry (Deloitte, 2022).

Effective leadership will be crucial in shaping organisational culture and driving the implementation of transformations in the healthcare industry. Healthcare leaders must capitalise on the organisation's diversity to efficiently utilise resources, design effective processes, and encourage personnel to work towards common goals.

Curated with a strong emphasis on real-world relevance to meet rapidly evolving industry needs and trends, the Healthcare Leadership programme offered by the National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine will develop you as a Whole Leader: Starting from a personal perspective—your traits, created identity, and what leadership means to you and expanding to explore the competencies and skills required to build and lead a team, and how to identify where the true power and influence of the organisation lie to navigate barriers to change and growth.


The Asia Pacific digital health market size is expected to reach USD 326.7 billion by 2030.

Source - Research and Markets, 2022


Asia hailed as world's fastest-growing healthcare market, with total healthcare spending estimated to surge to USD2.27 trillion by 2026.

Source - Research and Markets, 2022

*The schedule of live sessions and profile of Industry experts is subject to change and confirmation will be provided post programme start.

Who Is This Programme for?

The programme is designed for professionals who want to improve their leadership skills. It is applicable across departments and professionals who are working in or are interested to transition in the healthcare industries such as Hospital and Healthcare, Health Wellness, Fitness, Pharmaceutical, Mental Healthcare, Digital Healthcare, Start-ups in healthcare domain.

The programme is designed for professionals who want to:

  • Understand the general concept of effective leadership, change management, decision making and best practices applicable in the healthcare industry
  • Learn effective communication strategies that can build trust with healthcare stakeholders
  • Invest in personal development, including communication skills, coaching, mentoring, negotiation, and motivation theory

Programme Faculty

Associate Professor Chia Wah Yin, Audrey

NUS Business School & Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of Singapore

Professor Chia is an Associate Professor at the National University of Education Business School, with a concurrent joint appointment at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. She is also Programme Management Chair of the MSc. Environmental Management Programme, which is a collaboration by 9 faculties and schools across NUS... More info

Associate Professor Lim Yee Wei

NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health & Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of Singapore

Professor Lim is an Associate Professor and health policy researcher at the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. He has led the NUS Improvement of Healthcare in Asia (NIHA) Leadership Development programme from 2011-2015. The programme trains senior healthcare leaders from the public, private and NGO sectors of Asia-Pacific countries in leadership... More info


The course helps me better understand my journey as a health attaché of Slovakia in Geneva and the possible paths for my further development. It shows me how to interact with my team using different additional styles. During a very difficult period, our membership in the WHO Executive Board, the amount of travel, and tasks made every single member of our team feel overwhelmed by the work on the global health agenda. We have started a process of a new updated resolution on strengthening laboratory biosafety/biosecurity. During this period, I believe that the Emeritus Program helped me work on myself and reflect in a more structured manner than before.

— Elena Jablonicka, Health Attach, Slovak Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva

The modules in this course are relevant and relatable to healthcare leaders. The pre-recorded video lectures were clear, organized, and well-presented, with specific learning objectives conveyed at the beginning of each module. Having the lectures delivered this way was helpful for me, as it allowed me to digest and internalize the information by viewing the videos in my own time amidst my busy work schedule and commitments. The weekly live sessions with the program lead were helpful in recapping and summarizing the modules learned, as well as providing an opportunity to clarify any questions pertaining to the modules and assignments.

— Eliza Basir, Administrator; Pharmacy, Rehab & Diagnostic Services

As a newly appointed manager, the program is very useful for enhancing leadership skills. All the modules are clearly explained and relevant for developing management skills to be an effective manager. Additionally, it is easy to understand, with many examples provided that are applicable in real-life scenarios. This program will definitely increase my confidence in taking up this new position and will be a part of my career advancement.

— Aida Zarina Binti Mohamed Zain, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis



Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

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